Choosing the right window for your home, your office, your shop is very important to ensure the correct lighting and ventilation of living spaces, adequate thermal and acoustic insulation of the premises, the right security and privacy.

Whether it is a new construction or a renovation choosing the right frames is fundamental: the right window influences the energy performance of the building and consequently its value, as well as determining the beauty and architectural quality of the building

Why choose Aluminum doors and windows:

1. Performance: All windows must have technical and performance characteristics regulated by law: the UNI EN 14351-1: 2006 standard establishes the methods and procedures for affixing the CE marking. Among the materials that meet the required characteristics is aluminum: a sturdy, weather-resistant material, durable, easy to clean and above all 100% recyclable.

2. Design: The absolute versatility of aluminum allows any geometric shape to be extruded (even the most complex) and guarantee an everlasting design with essential, modern and elegant lines.

Choosing aluminum means taking advantage of innumerable design solutions and types, creating large openings and creating mirrors with more complex shapes, without jeopardizing the stability and durability of the window.

The frames are fundamental elements of the architectural composition of the buildings and must be perfectly integrated with the style of the environment in which they are inserted.

3. Colors and finishes: The wide range of colors and finishes of aluminum frames allows to satisfy even the most extravagant taste and the most particular architectural research. Aluminum can be anodised, oxidized or painted with powder coating techniques or sublimation paints. The aluminum windows and doors are also available in two-tone versions: the color of the aluminum profiles can be different between inside and outside, this makes it possible to obtain a product that integrates perfectly with both the façade and the interior, and which becomes a real piece of furniture.

4. Natural lighting: Ensuring good lighting for the environments you live in is fundamental to living the space with comfort. Careful design cannot fail to take into account the advantages of using aluminum frames, capable of supporting large windows and therefore increasing the luminous surface of the windows.

Everyone can choose a window, choosing an aluminum window means doing it in style!