The CE Marking is an essential certification for products in the European Economic Area (EEA) which defines a level playing field for manufacturers through the provision of:

  • Test methods;
  • Procedures and evaluation criteria shared across European Union countries.

The CE Marking is mandatory and is the system with which manufacturers of windows, continuous facades, sunshades, industrial and garage doors and gates, and smoke and heat extractors must comply in order to sell their products in the European Union.

The application of the CE Marking indicates, therefore, the suitability of the product for its intended use and guarantees a certain level of performance in relation to said intended use.


The declaration of the conformity of a manufactured window to the harmonised European technical standards (product regulations) must be demonstrated through:

  • Initial type testing (ITT) which, depending on requirements, entails the performance of theoretical calculations on one or more sample products that are representative of the whole product range in compliance with the relative European product regulations;
  • Factory production control (FPC) carried out under the responsibility of the manufacturer. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer or its representative to apply the CE Marking to the product, by means of a label affixed to the product, its packaging or the accompanying commercial documents

The CE Marking replaces any mandatory national markings but not those of a voluntary nature provided they do not conflict with and/or overlay the CE Marking.

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