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The INCANTO window makes every space unique. It adds a real touch of class and elegance to any modern setting. INCANTO is the casement window for those who appreciate sophisticated and cutting-edge design solutions. Spaces become unique thanks to the internal all-glass solution.


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The INCANTO window makes every space unique. It adds a real touch of class and elegance to any modern setting.


The internal structural elements are concealed by the subtlety and elegance of the glass to which the EXENS handle is directly affixed.
The understated aesthetics of the aluminium also ensure the elegance and sophistication of the external façade.


Aurora EXENS handle

This innovative handle has a minimalist yet decidedly elegant style. There is no back plate and so only the handle is visible. Casement, tilt&turn and micro-ventilation opening is possible thanks to its 90°, 135° and 180° rotation capability.


Secret concealed hinge

The SECRET concealed hinge for leaf and tilt&turn leaf has discreet, integrated hardware and therefore no accessories are visible from the outside.

Drainage cap

Maximum attention to detail is ensured with the inclusion of an aluminium cap, which matches the colour of the window frame and covers the external holes used to drain water and condensation.


50 mm

Standard Sill

Standard sill for balustrade windows, 50mm in height. The frame is continuous all around the window, including when seen from the outside.

30 mm

25 mm

Lowered sill

This sill eliminates architectural barriers while remaining compliant with legal requirements. The air and water tightness of the frame remains the same. Used generally for balcony doors that give access to external spaces.

The commanding role of the glass leaves a truly prestigious mark on any room: INCANTO is a high-tech window solution with a strong personality.


The thermal break in the window ensures excellent thermal insulation against extreme temperatures, guaranteeing comfort and wellbeing at home both in winter and summer. The triple sealing system ensures excellent acoustic insulation.


Thermal insulation


Acoustic insulation


Water tightness




The quality of a window is the result of several factors, not least of which is the fitting and installation, which must be performed by qualified, skilled professionals.


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