Burglaries are unfortunately increasingly common but a a few simple precautions can make your home more secure. First of all, be alert: thief will take advantage of simple things that we often forget about like a window left open or the keys left under the doormat. Second of all, put in place security systems that you can trust to limit the risk of any intrusion and to feel safer both inside and outside of your home.

Burglar-Proof Windows

Most burglaries are carried out by breaking open a window using a screwdriver: using this small tool, the thief is able to quickly and quietly get into the house.
Our burglar-proof windows offer an effective barrier against such intrusion. What are burglar-proof windows? Burglar-proof windows are equipped with special features that render them more secure and resistant to break-ins: anti-theft hardware, anti-lever security system, burglar-proof locks.

Burglar Resistance

The standard that classifies burglar resistance is the UNI EN 1627:2011 with categories ranging in terms of performance from RC1 to RC6.
In detail the categories are as follows:

  • RC1: must be resistant to attempted burglaries using only physical force;
  • RC2: must be resistant to burglaries using simple tools and have a resistance duration of 3 minutes;
  • RC3: must be resistant to an expert burglar equipped with a crowbar or a long screwdriver and have a resistance duration of 5 minutes;
  • RC4: must be resistant to a highly expert and well-equipped burglar and have a resistance duration of 10 minutes;
  • RC5: must be resistant to a burglar equipped also with electric tools such as drills or hacksaws and have a resistance duration of 15 minutes;
  • RC6: must be resistant to a burglar equipped with heavy tools and have a resistance duration of 20 minutes.

Being able to sleep soundly and count on secure windows is a consideration as important as that of good thermoacoustic efficiency when choosing a window. Your home security should never be overlooked when shopping for windows.

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