ALsistem has decided to adopt a greener approach to growth for the wellbeing of the planet on which we live. The adoption of a sustainable approach entails a greater focus on corporate responsibility and incentivises research. Through our commitment to the environment we have gained new expertise which we are able to apply to the creation of new products that take into account modern living requirements and the need to protect the environment.

What is meant by
environmental sustainability?

The earth’s resources are not infinite. A sustainable approach entails making efficient use of natural resources and consuming them in a responsible manner.
ALsistem is committed to finding the right balance between environment and progress, reducing the consumption of raw materials while keeping pace with modern design tastes.

The envronmental benefits
dell’impiego of using aluminium

ALsistem’s aluminium product line represents the right balance between environmental awareness and functional and aesthetic quality.
In addition, our minimalist profiles, which are designed to be barely visible, require less material to produce.
The use of aluminium has many advantages from an environmental point of view: while it is true that it requires a lot of electricity to make, its durability and long lifecycle mean that it can be continuously reused. It also requires very little maintenance.
Therefore, in terms of ecological balance, it does not weigh more heavily than other materials that are seen as sustainable. It is also recyclable..

The NEOcycled production chain

ALsistem’s commitment to sustainability has resulted in the development of a new and more responsible approach to its design and manufacturing.
NEOcycle is a recycling process that converts unusable product into secondary materials that can be used in a new manufacturing process.
The use of NEOcycled aluminium makes it possible to reduce the amount of energy required to produce it. The energy needed is 5% less than that needed to produce primary aluminium.

EPD Certification

Thanks to its NEOcycled production chain, ALsistem has obtained EPD certification for its NEO range, the first product range to use trackable recycled materials.
The EPD certification (Environmental Product Declaration) is a voluntary environmental policy tool which is used to objectively evaluate the characteristics and environmental impact of a product or service.

The certification process is based on an analysis of the life cycle as a method of determining and quantifying the environmental impact. The procedure is defined by the UNI ISO 14025:2006 standard and the declaration is verified by an independent accredited organisation so as to guarantee the veracity of the information.

NEO range

Gamma NEO is a product line developed by ALsistem for the sustainable construction market. The amount of recycled material used is around 25% and its use does not affect the thermoacoustic performance or durability of the products.
The findings of the product life cycle analysis showed a:

  • Reduction in CO2 emissions of 56%;
  • Reduction in energy consumption of 48%.

Two highly significant results in terms of environmental sustainability.

Certificazione EPD® per le serie NEO

The content of NEOcycled material used in door and window systems corresponds to:
Planet NEO 62: 37.2%
Planet NEO 72: 27%
Slide NEO 106: 37%
Sirio NEO 50: 36.9%

The production of recycled aluminum from waste guarantees energy savings of up to 95% compared to the production of primary aluminum.

Global warming (GWP 100yrs) measured in kg CO2 equivalent is:
Planet NEO 62: 7.81 kg CO2 equivalent
Planet NEO 72: 8.10 kg CO2 equivalent
Slide NEO 106: 7.78 kg CO2 equivalent
Sirio NEO 50: 7.80 kg CO2 equivalent

Our authorised dealers

ALsistem is present throughout Italy and has a comprehensive network of authorised retail partners specialised in the design, manufacture, sale and installation of ALsistem windows.