Whether working on a new build or a restoration project, it is vital to choose a quality frame that best exploits the performance capabilities of the material to ensure maximum thermal insulation. But what do we mean by thermal insulation?

What do you mean for
thermal insulation?

Thermal insulation refers to the capacity of a room or building to retain heat.
Therefore, choosing the right frame to ensure good thermal insulation and to always have the perfect temperature in your home is undoubtedly very important.


Comfortable living refers to the temperature and air quality of any indoor environment. The choice of frame is therefore a determining factor in the pursuit of comfortable living: a frame with a high standard of thermal insulation helps to maintain a constant temperature indoors.
Comfortable living is not only a subjective sensation but also a requirement from a qualitative and quantitative point of view: maintaining the temperature within a certain range, from 20° (in winter) to 26° (in summer) makes it possible to live in a “comfortable” and “healthy” environment.


The quality of ALsistem’s aluminium frames ensures an effective insulating effect and makes it possible to save on your energy bills as good insulation ensures stable temperatures all year round and lower energy costs.
Investing in good quality frames, therefore, contributes to efficiency and energy savings.

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