The first retractable shutterbox for the redevelopment

The compartment of the shutterbox is a real energy chasm in terms of insulation; through the slot where the sheet runs there’s a significant air exchange so that the temperature in the box is close to the one we have outdoor. The structure of a standard shutterbox has a very low acoustic insulation capacity. Even the airtightness is close to zero, due to the drafts along the perimeter and the through hole in correspondence with the belt. For that reason a house in basically in direct contact with the external environment.

During renovations more attention is paid to aesthetics and for this reason the old boxes are often covered with materials such as wood and PVC that do not offer any insulation.
That’s why, when replacing windows, much attention should be paid to the energy efficiency of the shutterbox.

elegance, simplicity
and technology!

The traditional shutterboxes for redevelopment have two peculiar characteristics:
• A finish matching the window according to the old aesthetic sense of “on sight” box, while the market today is moving towards “concealed” aesthetic solutions;
• Poor attention to thermo-acoustic insulation, being built with insulating materials such as wood, PVC or sheet metal and with reduced thickness. The new requirements of the DM 26 June 2015 impose insulated boxes;

To solve these problems, Thermoposa has developed CassoMuro, a new high-efficiency thermo-acoustic box that has the following advantages:

• Top thermal insulation performance with certified values up to  Usb < 1.0 W / m2K based on the type of insulation chosen;
• Unique sound insulation performance between renovation containers with Rw = 40Db according to UNI EN ISO 10140-2;
• Modern aesthetics due to the window frame joining the box directly into the masonry to achieve the “concealed” effect;
• Versatility: a single box that can be applied to any frame, thus reducing the number of suppliers and warehouse stocks;
• Speed of installation: CassoMuro can be built easily and tailored directly by the window manufacturer without requiring expensive equipment or high skills, reducing significantly installation time.

Cassomuro: the components

Hydrolastra in thermal plasterboard milled with reduced moisture absorption.

Insulating panel coupled with high thermal performance.

Insulating panel in adhesive cross-linked polyethylene.

Insulating panel for the insulation of the lower part of the shuttering.

High density acoustic insulation.

Polyurethane adhesive for MuroPanel bonding

Insulated containment bar for CassoMuro.

Strap-on strap.

Sealing brush against draught.

CassoMuro completely changes the concept of redevelopment shutterbox: from an aesthetic, performance and production point of view.

CassoMuro: the first modular bin created directly by the fabricator

The goal was to create a box that could be easily produced by the window manufacturer without any need for specific equipment. CassoMuro perfectly meets these needs, allowing the window manufacturer to manage a single box regardless of the type of window that will be laid on site and reducing waiting times since it is possible to build it directly in the workshop in a few steps.

The quality of a window is the result of several factors, not least of which is the fitting and installation, which must be performed by qualified, skilled professionals.


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