Clean Air, Comfort and Energy Saving

The normal human activity inside the house produces pollutants increasing humidity: air must therefore be changed regularly in order to have the right level of comfort. In old houses doors and windows have a poor insulation so that air and humidity flows continuously without even opening the windows. Through drafts air exchange occurs at least three times a day for room even when the windows are closed. In the event of humidity peaks, the water contained in the air condenses on the glass which is normally the coldest point of the house

With insulating windows, the natural change of air is lost and the hygrostatic balance of the house is altered

The natural air exchange disappears replacing windows with modern fixtures. Furthermore, since the new insulating glasses are hotter, humidity will condense on the colder parts of the walls and in the absence of adequate ventilation, it turns into mold. For this reason, after replacing the old doors and windows, the window must be properly ventilated by opening the window several times a day. As in the absence of proper ventilation of the rooms, we will also have a deterioration in the quality of the air due to the increase in the rate of CO2 and pollutants (micro dust, VOC mites) that cause health and hygiene problems. Opening windows, especially in winter, creates discomfort, energy waste, air flows that are dangerous for children and elderly.

PureAir combines performance and revolutionary features

Elimination of molds in the rooms thanks to the control of humidity peaks

Reduction of relative humidity in winter and prevention of surface condensation

Reduction of 90% of mites and bacteria, 98.5% of PM 2.5 and 100% of PM10 thanks to an effective filtration system

Air exchange without generating air flows, avoiding the risk of intrusion and the presence of insects

Very low energy consumption, thanks to 74% heat recovery and thanks to the Free Cooling (summer) and Free Heating (spring and autumn) functions, 10W per hour, just like a LED bulb

Reduced noise (around 30 Db) and high acoustic insulation from the outside (53 Db)

Ventilation Controlled mechanics (VMC) with heat recovery

ThermoPosa Team has developed PureAir after two years of research, a specific machine that that constantly changes the air without any discomfort or energy waste, allowing to solve the problems of mold and condensation without opening your windows.That means having a better sound insulation and prevent anyone from easily entering the home. Airing with PureAir means saving money, having more comfort, more safety and improving internal sanitary conditions. PureAir received the prestigious seal “VMC Quality CasaClima”, the first one among the non ducted wall machines.

The technological heart of PureAir

The operation of the machine is very simple: air flows are generated by two small and silent centrifugal fans that operate at 24 volts with a low energy absorption. A fan sucks fresh outside air and flows it inside the house after filtering it: a second fan generates an opposite flow, drawing in the stale hot internal air that is pushed outwards. The heart of the machine is represented by the Mitsubishi enthalpy exchanger, a honeycomb cube made of special cellulose where hot internal air coming out is cooled while the outside air heats up. Any excess humidity is transferred to the input branch to avoid internal condensation. The result is a machine with top class performance and certified by TUV.

(3mt from the machine)
speed 1 15 m3/h 17,9 4 KW 80%
speed 2 20 m3/h 22,8 6 KW 77%
speed 3 (AUTO) 28 m3/h 27,4 10 KW 74%
speed 4 35 m3/h 30,8 15 KW 65%
speed 5 41 m3/h 35,7 20 KW 61%

All data are certified by TUV WRG438 according to DIN EN 13141-8

Use of the machine by the end user

Once the machine is installed it must be programmed in “Auto” mode, this allows the machine to change its behavior based on environmental conditions.

The machine is set at the 3rd speed (28 mc/h) which allows to optimize the flow rate, energy yield, consumption and noise.

When the difference between inside and outside temperature is around 4°C or less (generally in spring and/or autumn) the machine turns off the air extraction branch as heat recovery would be very low.

In the event of excessive humidity in the home, the machine alone increases its own speed to improve disposal and goes back to speed 3 as soon as the humidity drops.

The intervention of the end user is necessary in only two cases: if he wants to activate the Free Cooling or Free Heating program (which lasts 10 hours and then returns to “Auto” mode) or for filter maintenance (alerted by a red led lighting up).

PureAir Installation

One machine is enough to lower humidity, reduce condensation and avoid the formation of mold in a house of 80 square meters. PureAir should be installed in the room where the phenomenon occurs, typically is the room that faces North. For larger houses or for houses arranged on more than one floor it is advisable to install a second machine even if the size of the system depends on many factors. Therefore it is advisable to install a machine and combine it with an air and humidity extraction system in the bathroom (extractor) and in the kitchen (hood), which if used correctly (ie when humidity is generated in these environments) should avoid mold and condensation in the home. Once the sizing of the system has been established, the installation of PureAir is extremely simple.

First of all the steel plate must be fixed to the wall with 4 plugs and the coring holes marked on the wall (complete perimeter), also indicating the center of the hole using the appropriate indicators on the plate.

Make the coring (100 mm diameter) with adequate equipment. We recommend the use of aspirated core drills to avoid the formation of dust and equipped with a centering tool for greater precision of the hole. After making the hole, remove those parts of the wall for the inlet of manifolds with a chisel.

Insert the appropriate external grill in the core hole. This accessory is designed to be inserted from the inside (therefore also for the holes that do not have external inspection).

Mount the special brackets for the housing of the machine body on the steel plate and screw the wall plate ensuring the correct leveling.

Cut the tubes to size and secure them to the manifold with the appropriate sealing tape. In order to improve air and noise resistance, fit two continuous strips of thermo-expanding tape on the pipe and insert the pipes into the hole, place them in the special housing on the steel plate. Finish the job by foaming the tubes from the inside.

Open the special covers of the brackets and insert the machine body, making sure that the air outlet vents fit the collectors correctly. Close the doors, make the electrical connections and complete the work by mounting the cover on the appropriate housing brackets.

The quality of a window is the result of several factors, not least of which is the fitting and installation, which must be performed by qualified, skilled professionals.


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