Thermal bridges are avoided
during renovation.
Window sill cutting thanks
to ThermoPosa system

By cutting the marble and producing a discontinuity, the problem of temperature exchange between the inside and outside of the house caused by the passing windowsills can be solved. Unfortunately, cutting with traditional equipment generates a lot of dust that causes much discomfort especially for tenants. To solve the problem we use a special machine for cutting the sill that works without producing any kind of dust. Its secret lies in the telescopic fairing that surrounds the cutting discs and remains adherent even during the insertion of the blades in the marble. Special diamond blades are able to make precise cuts quickly.

Are you a window manufacturer or a designer?

Thermoposa is easy to make and is suitable for any construction site.

ALsistem provides you with all the tools necessary to learn more about Thermoposa and operate according to its protocols.
Download certifications, manuals or follow the video tutorials designed specifically for your needs.

Our qualified Thermoposa installers

For the installation of our windows, we work exclusively with window installers who have obtained the following qualification: “Qualified ALsistem Thermoposa installer and technician for the requalification of the window aperture”. All our installers have attended the training course on “Installation of ALsistem’s high energy efficiency windows using the Thermoposa system” and have passed the final exam. This means we can guarantee our customers a level of expertise in the fitting of ALsistem’s external aluminium windows that complies with the standards required by the Thermoposa system. For ALsistem, technological development and professional training go hand in hand and so we only work with qualified installers who complete refresher training courses every three years.

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